Tag: galvanized brass recovery

galvanized and gold, silver, palladium plated brass recovery


SOVAMEP-PEVAR SRL is specialized in the collection and treatment of base metals in the form of scraps or scraps. Metals are mainly processing queues or waste deriving from the processing of the aeronautical, shipbuilding, aerospace, military, agri-food, steel, metalworking, waste treatment plants and any sector that generates metal waste among its processes. We value base metals such as: aluminum in…

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SOVAMEP-PEVAR SRL We recover your waste containing precious metals The Sovamep group has a know-how acquired in over 30 years of activity, in the recovery sector, a plant duly authorized under the terms of the law for the extraction and recovery of precious metals, make SOVAMEP-PEVAR YOUR TRUSTED PARTNER for a correct and transparent recovery chain of precious metals contained…

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