Processi di recupero diretti

Our organization specializes in the extraction and recovery of copper-based alloys, i.e. brass, zamak, alpaca, etc. with a galvanic surface treatment, or even copper-based granules containing precious metals, coming from shredding and grinding of components. electrical and electronic.

The extraction and recovery processes take place directly at the parent company’s site in France. We have shredding, melting and refining plants. All operations are supervised by specialized personnel, we guarantee traceability and follow up on each batch processed.


Precious metals recovery division


Non-ferrous metal recovery division


Analisi interne su campione

Each batch is previously sampled and analyzed for the
analytical determination of the metal content to be extracted and recovered.
Our approach is systematic, clear and quick to implement
of the economic purchase proposal. Every step of the processes from us
carried out is constantly monitored by the analytical support. We have a very large and sophisticated database of materials, which allows us to offer you high value even on products that may not be fully enhanced (for example on many galvanized brass / zame / nickel silver). We work in transparency with our suppliers, offering preliminary qualitative analyzes on batch samples, defining the price before delivery.

Clear business proposals

Trasformiamo direttamente i Vostri rottami di alto valore presso la nostra associata nella comunità europea. Siamo fornitori di molteplici commercianti in Italia ed all'estero.
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I’m Damiano Liani , director of the company Sovamep-Pevar Srl. We propose ourselves as your partner in the enhancement of ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys containing noble metals (galvanized or flash) such as Au, Ag, Pd, Pt, Rh. Sovamep SAS (France) has been operating in the sector since 1986, Sovamep-Pevar was born from the need to directly serve the Italian market. We have all the authorizations required by law, so as to reassure you about the correct management at an environmental level.

I always put my face on it ….

We offer the following purchase formulas:

1) With homogeneous material: 50% deposit on order, 30% on load after inspection, balance on delivery. We proceed by sampling analysis (sampling and analysis by our care), Payment availability 100% in advance under certain conditions.
2) If heterogeneous material: Deposit to be agreed, balance 15 days from delivery.
Transportation is always at our expense.


La forza di un gruppo internazionale dal 1986

Founded in 1986 by the BAUDET family, the SOVAMEP company is a company specializing in the recovery of precious metals from any matrix: solid, liquid, muddy, dust and ash. The aconym of SOVAMEP is precisely SOcietà VAlorizzazione Metalli Preziosi. SOVAMEP’s range of action is international: we are present in France, Morocco and Italy.